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Meditation, Medication, or Mediation?

April 3, 2018


When I posted my first blog a couple of weeks ago a glaring error made it through the rigorous proofreading team.  Thankfully I had several eagle eye'd readers who noticed that my "mediation" carried an errant "c", transforming my business into Resolve Facilitation & Medication something altogether different than intended (and illegal given my present status as not-a-licensed-pharmacist).


Another common confusion for mediation is "meditation", and I am hoping there are not too many people who show up to conflict resolution sessions with their yoga mats and incense in tow.


Interestingly both of these close-but-not-quite mistakes are related to mediation in a fundamental way.  Medication, meditation and mediation are all tools used to seek peace.  


I have witnessed over and over again the inability of medication to provide actual peace.  Through many years of legal representation of people with injuries, the failure of medication to actually heal pain and bring lasting relief was universal, startling, and profound.  Analgesics can provide a temporary salve, or blissful escape, but when they are looked to for healing and long term satisfaction they always disappoint.


Meditation is also used to seek peace and tranquility.  We truly are spiritual as well as physical beings, and when our spirit is not at peace, it will result in anxiety, depression, even physical manifestations of pain and ailments.  But seeking peace as an end unto itself however is an unsatisfying pursuit.  Real spiritual peace can only be found through the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  His death, burial and resurrection grants access to reconciliation to Father God and exchange our nature of death, anxiety, and discontentment for His nature of life, peace, and contentment.


The alternative dispute resolution tool of Mediation provides a forum for peace to be achieved between parties who are at odds with each other.  A mediated resolution is one which is reached by the parties themselves, not imposed upon them by an outside arbiter.  This means that there is a much stronger likelihood that the resolution will bring satisfaction and closure.  Mediation sometimes even goes by another colloquial term "Peacemaking".


Mediation can provide the opportunity for the underlying reasons for conflict to be addressed and resolved.  A Wrongful Termination lawsuit may be the issue, but at its heart a dismissed employee may be offended by the way in which the termination took place, not that it actually happened.  A Will or Trust contest my be in full swing, but ultimately a single item of sentimental property would satisfy the contesting party.  


A year or ten years after a conflict comes to an end, money that changes hands will be gone and forgotten.  Medications wear off, and meditation is temporary, but Mediation can give the opportunity to achieve actual closure of an interpersonal dispute that will be lasting and remembered.  

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