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Partnership Pre-Planning

$75.00 per hour

Free initial  consultation.

Partnership Tune-Up

$75.00 per hour

Free initial consultation.

Harmony in Family Business Transition

$75.00 per hour

Free initial consultation.



Community Mediation  $75.00 per hour 

Civil Mediation  $250.00 per hour for two party


Two hour minimum required as deposit.  Fully refundable if cancelled 5 business days in advance.

Christian Conciliation

Free initial consultation.

Conflict Coaching - $50.00 per hour.

Mediation - $100.00 per hour.  (Out-of-Town Rate - $125.00 per hour)

Facilities Costs

If you do not have facilities available in which to meet, arrangements can be made at the cost of $200 per 1/2 day or $400 per full day.